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Digital Goods

Using the Maya app, you can now pay for various goods and services that are exclusively available in digital form.

Featured Partners
  • Apple
  • Biegame
  • Carousell Coins
  • Codashop
  • Epins Gamestore
  • Facebook
  • Midasbuy
  • PDAX
    What they offer:

    Now that so many of your experiences—from entertainment to financing— take place online, it’s good to have a digital payment method you can depend on. That’s where we come in. The Maya app lets you pay in a quick, convenient, and contactless manner so that you can stay immersed in your digital lifestyle. Whether it be credits for online marketplaces, game credits, social media ads, app upgrades, or cryptocurrency, you can now pay it with Maya.

    Download Maya now, top up your e-wallet, and enjoy breezy payments of your favorite digital goods!

    How to pay with Maya:

    All you need is your mobile phone and a working Internet connection to complete a speedy online purchase with Maya. Our partner vendors will ask you to choose Maya as your method of payment and to key in your details. Once you’ve paid using your existing Maya balance, Maya virtual card, or QR code, you’ll be able to enjoy these goods and services immediately. It takes only minutes to pay for your chosen virtual product or service using the Maya app. And best of all, you don’t even need to visit a physical storefront! Seconds after your payment is confirmed, you can continue to use paid apps, play games, shop online, trade-in cryptocurrency, or boost your social media page.

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