How to pay Globe bills with the Maya App |

Skip the lines! Here’s how to pay your Globe bill with the Maya app. No need to enroll your biller. Just make sure you’ve loaded up your Maya account (Read: How to load up your Maya). Then proceed to the following steps:


Step 1: Login to Maya -> Go to Pay Bills tab.

Mobile view PayMaya application Pay Bills tab


Step 2: Choose a biller (Globe). Tap the “>” sign.

Mobile view PayMaya application Biller tab

Step 3: Once biller has been chosen. Proceed with filling up with the required fields: Account Number / Amount / Telephone Number

Mobile view PayMaya application Pay Bills form tab


Step 4: Click the Continue button to proceed with Payment Review Page.

Mobile view PayMaya application Confirmation tab


Step 5: Click Pay button to pay your Globe bills.

Mobile view PayMaya application Payment Successful popup form


Step 6: View your (processing) Payment in the Activity List.

“You’ll notice in the Activity List that is currently being processed” Once payment has been Posted it will be tagged as “payment complete, amount has been posted to the biller.” (see step 7)

 Mobile view PayMaya application Latest Activities lists and Bills Payments pop up form


Step 7: View your (posted) Payment in the Activity List.

“This Payment has been completed. The Amount has been posted to the Biller.”

Mobile view PayMaya application Bills Payment (Updated) popup form

Pay your Globe bills with Maya in a tap! No Maya yet? Download the free app below:


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