How to use Maya to pay online |

If you know where you can use Maya, but still don’t understand how to buy the things you want online with it, here is a step-by-step guide that can help.




1. Make sure you’ve loaded up your Maya account at our Load-Up partners. At the store page, select the items you want to buy on the store website or the app stores.

2. Select the payment method “Debit Card” (VISA). Your Maya numbers fall under the Debit VISA category. Sometimes, there are stores that only list down “Credit Card” and “PayPal” as options.

Even if Maya falls under Debit*, you can still select “Credit**” and enter your Maya details. Your payment will still be accepted because you and the online store/app are using the same payment system, VISA.

3. Enter the card details: Card No., Expiration Date, and CVV2/Security Code. You can now open your Maya app.

4. Confirm the payment. Once the payment is successful, you should receive an SMS text notifying you about the transaction. You should also see a balance change in your app, and an update on your Activity List.

Terms you might want to learn about:

*What is Debit?: When you use a debit, it means you have an account that has your own existing funds or money. Money flows into a debit account when you load or deposit money in it. Whenever you use a debit account to pay, the existing fund is subtracted from it. Because you have to load up your Maya account before you can use it, Maya is a debit account.

**What is Credit?: When you use a credit card to pay online or in-­store, you are borrowing money from the financial institution, usually a bank. You then required to pay for this borrowed money on a later date.

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