5 Quick Hacks To Lower Your Meralco Bill This Rainy Season

Meralco may have announced that power rates will go down by P0.5436 per kilowatt-hour (kwh) this month, but that’s no reason to relax and lose track of your energy consumption.

As it turns out, there are plenty of ways that you could be offsetting that rainy season price cut at home.

Below we’ve listed five hacks you can do today to reduce your rainy season Meralco bill, with very minimal spending!


Optimize the use of your home air conditioner

In our country, the onset of the rainy season doesn’t always mean a more bearable outdoor environment. In fact, the level of humidity rises after a rain shower, resulting in that uncomfortable, sticky feeling that most people hate.

You can optimize your air conditioner use in three ways: a) set the temperature to a medium setting, around 25°C; b) clean your aircon filters; and c) set a specific period for air condition usage.

These three steps essentially deal with controlling how hard your aircon works. If it has to keep running at full capacity or work through a dirty filter, it will naturally consume more energy.

It would also be less expensive to keep the aircon on during key periods (afternoon to early evening) and shut if off around midnight or early morning, when everyone is asleep. If your aircon model doesn’t have a built-in timer, set an alarm around that time to shut off the aircon. It’ll be worth it in the long run.


Change the placement of your electric fans

Unlike air conditioners, electric fans don’t actually lower or control the temperature of a room. They only ensure a proper circulation of air around the space, so setting them in the middle of a warm room won’t do much to cool you down.

Start by opening as many windows and doors as your room allows. Try setting your electric fan facing inward in front of an open window or doorway to ensure an inward flow of cooler air.

It also helps to clean your fan’s blades and motor housing regularly to keep it working efficiently.


Invest in a multi-socket power board

You’ve probably seen one already in your local hardware store or grocery. It’s one of those extension cords with a main power switch or individual switches per plug.

Rainy season or not, one of the best power saving tips is to cut off any power flow to your appliances when they’re not in use or when you leave the house. A powerboard makes this easier because it removes the hassle of having to physically remove your plugs from an outlet. Pressing the main or individual power off switches cuts off the plugged appliance from power and prevents any phantom consumption of electricity.


Wash and dry your clothing in measured batches

The onset of the rainy season means that you’ll either have to spin dry or hang your clothesline indoors most of the time.

If your household is lucky enough to have its own washing machine and spin dryer, be sure to wash your clothes in large loads to ensure energy efficiency. Underloading your machine means expending the same amount of power and getting a less than the potential amount of clean clothes, while overloading makes the machine work harder and consume more power.

Find out what your machines’ full load capacities are, and keep a weighing scale nearby to keep your loads as close as possible to that maximum weight.


Maximize your standing light fixtures

Overcast skies are more common during the rainy season, resulting in the need for indoor lighting.

Review your planned activities for the next few hours: is really necessary to switch on the (more expensive) overhead light, or will stand lamps do? On especially bright days, even natural lighting may suffice.

If the activity at hand requires some lighting and you decide to break out the stand lamps, position them nearer the walls or in a corner of the room. This will allow light to bounce off the wall surface and increase the room’s overall brightness. Note that this works best with white or light-colored walls.


How many of these tips does your household use? We’d love to hear about it @MayaOfficial on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Stay warm and dry this rainy season by paying your Meralco bill through the Maya app or Maya in Messenger. Just remember to pay at least 3-5 days before the due date to allow for proper processing!

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