Pack These 5 Things In Your Car Before A Long Drive


With Philippine fiesta season well under way, and the summer months coming up, there will be a lot of road trips to nearby provinces soon. Before going on long drives, make sure you’re safe on the road by having these tools in your car to help address common car problems and emergencies. 


Scenario: You turn your key and the car won’t start.


Possible cause: A faulty battery

 Get your battery checked so you know how much charge is left in it, and if your alternator is charging it correctly. Or find out here if your car battery is due for a replacement. 

For good measure, invest in a portable jump-starter kit in case the battery fails. Get this one from Lazada:

                                      Photo courtesy of Happy Choice via Lazada


68800mAh 4USB Multi-Function 12V Car Jump Starter Power Bank Rechargeable Battery (Black/Red)

P1,989 from Lazada

Scenario: You find a nail in your tire.

 What might happen: A flat tire

Changing a flat can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools. Consider replacing an old car jack so you don’t have a hard time changing your tire in the middle of nowhere.

Cars usually come with a bottle or scissor jack, but a floor jack is much easier to use. Its low profile, wheels, and lever make it easy to position on almost any surface.

Tip: Tires are expensive, so take care of them by adjusting your tire pressure pre-trip, especially if you’re transporting a heavy load.

                                        Photo courtesy of The Store via Lazada


Prostar Hydraulic Floor Jack 2-Ton

P999 from Lazada

Scenario: You see steam visibly coming out from under your hood.

Possible cause: Overheating


 It’s scary to see the needle on your temperature gauge jump to red. If this happens to you, pull over immediately to the side, wait 45 minutes for your engine to cool, and only afterwards check your coolant levels.

Whether it was a one-time overheat or a symptom of a much larger problem, adding coolant to your radiator and reservoir will give you enough time to reach a service station.

                            Photo courtesy of Blade Auto Center via Lazada


Prestone Ready-To-Use Coolant 1L (Bundle of 2) Yellow

P679.50 from Lazada

Scenario: You smell gas leaking from the car.

What might happen: A fire


 Don’t panic just yet—if your vehicle is well-maintained, the chances of your car catching fire is very little. Nonetheless, if it does happen, you want every resource available to put it out immediately.

The best type of fire extinguisher for your car should be able to put out types A, B, and C fires and weigh under 2 lbs. Remember to keep it out of direct sunlight and away from any source of heat.

                                   Photo courtesy of MFF Online via Amazon


Mini Firefighter MFF01 Multi Purpose 4-in-1 Fire Extinguisher

USD20.99 from Amazon

Scenario: You get your tires stuck in mud.

What you have: A vehicle that needs towing


 When you can’t start your car or get it stuck in mud, you will need the help of a kind passerby to tow you to safety. Bringing your own towing cables shows that you’re prepared.

                              Photo courtesy of Rainbowonline via Lazada


5-Ton 4m Car Towing Rope

P735 from Lazada

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