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Gas Station

Use the Maya app or funds from your Maya virtual card to load up in a number of gas stations nationwide.

Featured Partners
  • Bonjour Slex
  • Caltex
  • Cleanfuel
  • Easygas Convenience Station
  • Eurofuel
  • Jcg Gas
  • Manila Klean Fuel
  • Marz Fuel
  • Metro Oil
  • Optima Worldwide
  • Petron
  • Power Fill
  • Rephil
  • Seaoil
  • Shell
  • Super Click
  • Three Prince Oil
  • Tiger Petron
  • Top Gun
  • Total
  • Toyota Fairview
  • Tricienderos Inc Petron
  • True Service
  • Unioil
    What they offer:

    To all the dedicated road warriors out there: cash isn’t the only method you can use to pay for your fuel expenses. Using Maya is quicker and more convenient than bringing your physical wallet out-and it may also give you more peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to handle physical cash. Maya also has a robust rewards program for those who use it to pay at gas stations. Not only do you benefit from having a safe and convenient payment method for your diesel or gasoline, but you also get the chance to score exclusive perks, discounts, and promos, such as cashback per liter of fuel bought.

    Use Maya to purchase fuel at the gas station of your choice, as well as food, drinks, and other items at nearby convenience stores, restaurants, and kiosks. With just a few taps on your device, you’ll be all set to hit the road again!

    How to pay with Maya:

    We’ve partnered with the country’s biggest fuel companies to offer quick payment with Maya. You can purchase diesel or gasoline for your vehicle using your Maya VISA card or by using the Scan to Pay QR code reader. Many gas stations are also already using the Maya One handheld device to accept card and QR code payments from customers. Rest assured that these POS machines are ATEX-certified, which makes them safe to operate in potentially explosive environments like gas stations.

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