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Paying for services is now easier and more convenient with the help of Maya!

Featured Partners
Belo Medical
JCI Manila
Marriott Hotel
Philippine Red Cross
  • All Batteries
  • Amesco Drug
  • Aojo Southwoods
  • Artifex Computer
  • Awesamgyupsal
  • Baicapture
  • Bearseum Tagaytay
  • Beauty Lounge Baguio
  • Belo Medical
  • Benibana Beauty Hub
  • Bluewater
  • Bodichitta Intl
  • Boku
  • Bria Homes
  • Brunos Barbers
  • Cebu Chamber
  • Cebu Peak Hotel
  • Celebrity Sports
  • CIS Bayad Center App
  • City Garden Hotel
  • Claws And Paws
  • Creations By Lourd
  • Decide Me Job
  • Derma 360
  • Dermaroma Inc
  • Dermclinic
  • Dogs And The City
  • Entrepouch
  • Eo
  • Felipe & Sons
  • Filinvest
  • Forever Flawless
  • Gameline
  • Gaoc
  • Gk Enchanted Farm
  • Glow Skin Clinic
  • Golden Prince
  • Grail Cleaning
  • Gran Tierra
  • Gridpoint
  • Helix
  • Hi Smile
  • JCI Manila
  • Koop Studio
  • Landayan Dental
  • Lavendry Lounge
  • Maayo Medical Clinic
  • Mandaue Hotel
  • Manila Memorial Park
  • Marriott Hotel
  • Mmc Doctors
  • Motech Vito
  • Motolite
  • Nails Glow
  • Nomads Hub
  • Nonie'S Brunch
  • Nuat Thai
  • Obstacle Course Camp
  • Open Kitchen
  • Pacific Roadlink
  • Paperwork Philippines
  • Pawnhero
  • Pay8
  • Paynamics
  • Pet Lovers Centre
  • Philippine Red Cross
  • Photoline
  • Pilipinas Teleserv Inc.
  • Prime Oral Dental
  • Primecare
  • Project Galileo
  • Quad X
  • Resellee
  • Resorts World Manila
  • Rideph
  • Rockwell Land
  • Royal Cable
  • Safehouse
  • Safehouse Storage
  • Salon De Manila
  • Silicon Valley
  • Skin Doctors
  • Skinstation
  • Smart Mobile App
  • Smile Solutions
  • Spray Manila
  • Suis Printsonic
  • Teleserv
  • Telmarc
  • Tfm Beauty
  • Thani Thai
  • The Exchange Regency
  • The Feast Galleria
  • The Madeline Hotel
  • The Palladivm Hotel
  • The Refined Lounge
  • Thinking Tools
  • Toledomed
  • Toni And Guy
  • Toy Kingdom
  • Tv Net
  • Udasco Eye
  • Victory
  • Vieve Hotel
  • Vision Express
  • Wags And Whiskers
  • Zenar Telecoms
    What they offer:

    Our digital payment solution is accepted at some of the country’s major service providers, from bayad centers and skin clinics to real estate development companies.

    How to pay with Maya:

    Using Maya to pay for fees and experiences couldn’t be simpler. After downloading the app onto your smartphone or mobile device and registering a valid Philippine mobile number, you can use its payment features-Scan to Pay and Pay with Maya-right away.

    Scan to Pay works with a merchant’s static QR code display or with their Maya One handheld device. Meanwhile, Pay with Maya can be used to pay for purchases and fees online at supported service provider websites. With it, you can pay your dues without wasting time in long queues.

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