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When we say delivery, we just think fast food. But did you know you could order delivery from Omakase, Mister Kabab, Juju Eats, and more? That’s what we tried out today for lunch with foodpanda, the food delivery app that blew our minds. If you’re too lazy to go out for weekday lunch outs (like us), or you want to avoid traffic on Friday and Saturdates, you’ll love this app.

Here’s how to order foodpanda with Maya:

1. Download the foodpanda app.

Foodpanda will then ask for your location so you can see which restaurants deliver near your area

Food panda pasta in the plateFood panda two people eating pizza outside


2. There are a lot of restaurants and cuisines to choose from. There’s even a tab that shows you which stores have ongoing deals.


App Store with a lot of restaurants logo selection in Pasig


3. For lunch, we chose to go with some Beef Yakiniku from Yoshinoya.


App Store with a lot of rice bowls selection


4. Just choose the items you want to order, > Checkout > then select ‘Online Payment”.

App Store in Checkout dashboard selecting Online Payment

5. Enter your 16-digit Maya Account Number (e.g. 4834424639820342)

App Store in Checkout dashboard choosing Mode of payment

App Store Online Payment Card Number

Make sure you’ve loaded up your Maya account. Once your purchase has been made, Maya will send you an SMS text with a confirmation receipt.

6. Our absolute favorite thing about foodpanda? It shows you the status of your order. Unlike regular delivery hotlines, you’re not left wondering when your order is coming! Delivery fee is just P30 if the store is near your area. 

App Store Order Confirmed popup and timer for delivery



7.  foodpanda will also send you SMS texts about the status of your order

Food panda sending SMS texts about the status of your order


8.  Our order arrived at our floor in 30 minutes! That’s faster than actually going out to eat in a restaurant.

Overall, we were very happy customers who will definitely be using foodpanda again. We’re so amazed about how great the experience was that we want you to try out foodpanda too with a discount!

Rice and meat in a container with chopstick and a cup of cold drink beside of a laptop



foodpanda & Maya promo

From October 20 to December 31, 2016, you can get a 20% discount on your first foodpanda order and 10% off on every succeeding order for a minimum amount of P500.

To avail the 20% discount: Use voucher code PAYPANDA20 plus the first six digits of your Maya virtual or physical card (ex. PAYPANDA20123456).

To avail the 10% discount, just use the code PAYPANDA plus the first 6 digits of the Maya virtual or physical card (ex. PAYPANDA123456)

Plus get 10% discount on every succeeding order when you order online via the foodpanda app or website, and pay with your Maya! To read the full mechanics, click here. Happy eating!

Order from foodpanda today! No Maya yet? Download the app here:


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