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In the online world, there are usually 2 ways you can buy from online websites, stores, and apps. Most online stores accept your payment if you have any debit card or credit card number that is from Visa or MasterCard.

What is Visa & MasterCard?

First time hearing these terms? Visa & MasterCard are two well-known payment systems around the world that allow people to buy items from stores online. To break it down, when you buy anything online, there are two individuals who participate:

  1. YOU- the one making the payment
  2. ONLINE STORE- the one receiving the payment (ex. online stores like Amazon, apps like Spotify, etc.)

Both 1 and 2 need a common payment system that will allow the payment to happen so that you can buy what you want, and own it. This is where payment systems like VISA come in.

 You will be able to buy from the online store (website/app) if:

  1. You own a debit card or credit card number that is from Visa or MasterCard and
  2. The online store you are buying from accepts Visa or MasterCard as a payment method,

More often than not, almost all well-known online stores on websites/apps accept Visa or MasterCard. Maya is Visa-enabled and will soon also have a MasterCard version. This means that you can use your Maya to buy or pay basically anywhere online.

Where can I usually get a Visa or MasterCard number?

Usually Visa or MasterCard numbers appear on physical cards like debit cards or credit cards which you can apply for at financial institutions like banks. Maya is different because it appears online inside the Maya app on your phone. It is also different because all you have to do to get the card number is to download the app on Google Play Store or App Store, and sign up with your mobile number. Once you download the Maya app, you’ll get your Maya card number. You can then start to pay with Mayaa and buy the things you’ve always wanted! 

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