The Audiophile’s Guide to Enjoying Music Everywhere

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once said, “Music is the universal language of mankind.” Music transcends borders and language (just look at K-pop!), and can evoke different kinds of emotions. For many people, music can also amplify a positive experience or make it easier to cope with a negative one.

For audiophiles and music lovers, music listening becomes even more enjoyable with high-quality, high-fidelity sound. If you’re one or both, here’s a quick guide to ensure that you can enjoy your favorite tracks to the fullest whenever, wherever:

Spring for a Premium Music Account

Years back, listening to music on the go meant bringing a cassette or CD player. Then, MP3 players became popular and it became the norm to download and save songs in the player. Nowadays, it’s all about streaming.

The most popular music streaming platforms include Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, and Tidal. Spotify, in particular, is a favorite among Pinoys because it’s easy to use. The problem with these streaming services is that if you don’t get the paid version, you’ll often get bombarded by ads. You’ll also have limited access to features. These make it more difficult to enjoy your music.

Luckily, it’s easy to get Spotify Premium using Maya. With a premium account, you can stream music on-demand on multiple devices without any ads. In addition, you can also download music even without an internet connection.

To ensure that you’ll always have access to Spotify Premium, keep your Maya account topped up. There are a lot of ways to Add Money to your account, including money transfers via InstaPay or PESONet.

Invest in Quality Headphones and Other Equipment

To fully enjoy your favorite tracks, it’s best to get quality equipment for your music. This way, you’ll get quality sound output. If you really want the best sound, look for studio headphones. You can also invest in earphones that are made by known audio companies.

Still, when it comes to headphones and earphones, a high price tag doesn’t immediately equate to quality output. There are a lot of affordable models that also produce a decent sound quality. It’s also a good idea to get wireless earphones so you can listen without worrying about tangled wires. Wireless earphones are also perfect for smartphone models without an earphone jack.

If you often listen to music on your PC, invest in a DAC or digital-to-analog converter. Coupled with a decent set of speakers (with a subwoofer), you’ll get top-notch sound quality each and every time.

The great thing is that you can easily shop online to find these gadgets. Remember to do your research before you make a purchase!

Buy Earphones for Exercising

If you’re the audiophile who likes to listen to music to pump up your work out sessions, it’s best to get a separate pair of earphones or earbuds. These accessories usually have additional features that enable them to keep up with intense physical activity. For example, workout earphones are usually more lightweight and have ergonomic construction to keep them in place while you jump and run. There are also models that are sweat-proof and water-resistant.

Workout earphones also have noise-cancelling properties, which is especially useful if you’re working out in noisy environments. In the end, it doesn’t matter if you workout at home, outdoors (like running or biking), or in a gym. With dedicated earphones or earbuds, you can fully enjoy your music and make the most of your workout. Don’t forget to purchase discounted data packages for continued streaming anytime, anywhere.

Strategically Position Your Speakers

If you have an audio system at home, you should make sure that each component is positioned strategically. In particular, make sure that your speakers are placed far from the corners. This will ensure that the bass notes come out clearly. Meanwhile, the tweeters (the small, round drivers where the high notes come out) should be placed at ear level.

Overall, you need to create an equilateral triangle layout, where your head and two speakers form the three points. This creates that stereo surround-sound effect.

Listen to a Song More Than Once

Just like the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” you should also not judge a song after the first listen. The human brain likes repetition and patterns. Therefore, if you get exposed to a song multiple times, you may eventually come to like it.

Listen to a track several times. You might realize that the song you initially “hated” is actually perfect for your work music playlist or perhaps a good workout song. If you still don’t like the track after you’ve given it a chance, then you can honestly say that you gave it a chance (and you can move on to another song).


Music means different things to people. It can inspire and motivate, it can help someone cope, it can even be the key to moving on. No matter what it means to you, however, this guide can hopefully improve your listening experience wherever you may be.

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